DX de DL6YRA:28444.0 N9RDtks juergen 57 with QSBK 23-Oct 1505Z
  DX de I1APQ:24915.0 VK9XSPrtty up - few takers ok nwVK9X 23-Oct 1504Z
  DX de IK1DKF:24960.0 5R8M 5R 23-Oct 1504Z
  DX de UA3QNS:24925.0 V31MARTTYV3 23-Oct 1504Z
  DX de HA6VH:24892.0 5R8M 5R 23-Oct 1504Z
  DX de EA7ADI:7094.0 EC2AMN/1VGLO-081EA 23-Oct 1504Z
  DX de W3LPL-3:14015.0 FR/DJ7RJHeard in UTFR 23-Oct 1504Z
  DX de W4AKO:28465.7 5B4AJC 5B 23-Oct 1504Z
  DX de EA7IXJ:7085.0 EA1FERBU/380. MVBU/2094. DME-09427EA 23-Oct 1504Z
  DX de VA2QR-1:28515.0 IW3QRMfb Gianni CiaoI 23-Oct 1504Z
  DX de AA6KJ:14014.2 ON8VPLP to socalON 23-Oct 1504Z
  DX de N7EKD:7142.0 I5MPK56+. . LP . w coast 73I 23-Oct 1504Z
  DX de HI8CSS:28122.7 KR4ROBPSK63K 23-Oct 1504Z
  DX de RW1C:14018.0 UA8WAA/5RDA RK-26UA 23-Oct 1504Z
  DX de A61UU:21259.0 HB3YGGTnx Qso 59 73HB 23-Oct 1504Z
  DX de K5DXX:28485.7 S51DX5/9 + in NM Gud DXS5 23-Oct 1503Z
  DX de W3LPL-3:24900.4 A61QHeard in SC and MDA6 23-Oct 1503Z
  DX de IZ3EIN:28082.0 IZ3EINrtty cq cq I 23-Oct 1503Z
  DX de PD3MR:28444.0 N9RDTu Jurgen ,73K 23-Oct 1503Z
  DX de DL6YAO:21017.4 PJ2/DL8OBQtnxPJ2 23-Oct 1503Z
  DX de DM2DMI:28085.0 K8SIAtnx dr Jim rttyK 23-Oct 1503Z
  DX de R6DA:7041.3 R2014FJCQUA 23-Oct 1503Z
  DX de W3LPL-3:24891.0 3A2MWHeard in PA3A 23-Oct 1503Z
  DX de AA9RN:14085.0 W1AW/8try 10/12/15 band is goodK 23-Oct 1503Z
  DX de AA9D-7:18140.0 TX7Gup 5FO/m 23-Oct 1503Z

  WWV de VE7CC: At 1200Z SFI=216 A=14 K=2 Strong w/R3 -> Strong w/R3
  WWV de VE7CC: At 0900Z SFI=216 A=14 K=2 Strong w/R3 -> Strong w/R3
  WWV de VE7CC: At 0600Z SFI=216 A=14 K=2 Strong w/R3 -> Strong w/R3

  To ALL de HS0ZIV: At 1023Z does anybody knows the operator call for w1wa/8 on 17m CW right now?
  To ALL de IW6DCE: At 1020Z UM 461
  To ALL de S53RT: At 1011Z dx cluster has become useless..where those days searching for dx tuning...gone.!!